My grandmother passed away yesterday morning

All day I was would be fine and then all of the sudden I would remember a nice time with my Grandma and I couldn’t help but cry

I tried to go to school but I had to go home, I couldn’t stop thinking about my Grandma

A few years ago she had heart problems and went to a doctor in Austin where she had a pacemaker put in. The doctor said she only had 6 months to live and I’m glad that she outlived those 6 months.

She had been in and out of hospital all year

I hadn’t seen much of her since my parents split

and I feel like I should have visited her when she was in the hospital

but honestly I didn’t want to see sick in a hospital and I don’t think she would have wanted me to see her like that anyway. I thought she was gonna go home after three days like she always did.

My siblings are handling it a lot better than I. My brother has such a nice way of seeing it, “She’s not in pain anymore”

Still, I feel like I could walk over to her house and knock and she’ll yell from her chair right by the door “Who is it?” and then I remember that I will never see her again.

It’s so strange to know that after the funeral I will never see again

and I’ll never walk to her house when I’m locked out of my own

or spend the day at her when I’m sick

I’ll never get to give her any brownies or empanadas that I made myself

or bake cookies with her

and I’ll never hear one of those stories about when she was young, she didn’t tell me very many and I’ll never anymore of them

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